We are the Millars

We are a small enterprise of 60 acres and farm to organic standards with our land certified as organic for almost 20 years. We produce pig, lamb, beef and apple products and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

While not from a farming background, Andrew has always had a keen interest in farming life, agriculture and self-sufficiency. As an eight-year-old he was milking dairy cows single-handedly on a Sunday morning because the farmer had a tendency to enjoy his Saturday nights a little too much. Alexa is a yoga and primary school teacher, who grew up in East Lothian with her beloved horses.

Our mission is simple. Work hard and love what we do. And we really do. At the heart of it lies the desire to be natural with the good animal welfare and 100% naturally grown produce; no chemicals, drugs only where absolutely essential, outdoor living and foraging, regular rotation, natural remedies and mothers free to raise their young. We believe leads to tasty, nutritional, sustainable produce.